Projekt som jag skapat och/eller deltagit i koncept.

Projects where I participated in making the concept.


Created and performed with Jonna Ljunggren.

Sexture explores how female bodies can produce a sexual subjectivity, in a site-specifik performance where mime and architecture meet. The room, both physically and virtually, will help produce different kinds of bodies and gazes. 

Starting in the spring of 2021.

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2 Become 1


Created and performed with Jonna Ljunggren.


A physical play that deals with Spice Girls, sexuality and femininity in the safe space of a girl-room. The show is a lesbian fantasy from a fan's point of view where we dance, sing and snog ourselves into the bodies of the Spice Girls. Played at Teater Aftonstjärna (2018), Departutre (StDH), Scenkonstgalan 2016 (Stora Teatern, Göteborg) and Klubb Kahlo's exibition Identitet during 2016.


Music: Spice Girls & Niki Yrla


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My final production at SADA (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts).

A map to get lost is an expansive performance work, an ever-changing fiction and a sensorial hypermedial browser. A digital mystery-play, created through the logic of thinking in browsing. It took place mainly in the spring of 2017 as the bachelor piece of ten students in co-production with Backa teater, Gothenburg. It performed at Backa Teater and SADA (StDH).

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Created and performed by Sivkollektivet

A piece abot controlled rooms, rules and boundaries. Through creating our own spatial logic we transform the stage into a made-up universe that have a strict, inner logic. Sivkollektivet consists of myself, Jilda Hallin and Anna Sonnsjö Anderssion. Music by Annika Wassén.

The piece was performed at Länsteatern på Gotland (2013) and Frilagret (Göteborg, 2014)

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Created and performed by Sivkollektivet at Almedalsbiblioteket (2010-2011)


A monthly happening at the beautiful library in Visby, Gotland. The collective collaborated with composers and musicians such as Becca Neumann, Mikael Stener and Christoffer Rubensson. We experimented with the space of the library and improvised vs. composed movement material in a new setting each month.


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