Foto: Jonas Jörneberg

mime / actress


I am a swedish physical actress educated in mime-acting at SADA (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts), with a background in contemporary dance and choreography.


I work mainly in the field of theatre with a special interest in physical performance as well as dancing and traditional acting. I also create my own pieces and enjoy writing about my work.


Det blåser på månen / Masthuggsteatern

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Jag spelade 2021 i Rövarna i regi av Frida Röhl på Folkteatern.

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Föreställningen Riddare av tusen äventyr av PotatoPotato blev utvlad till att spela på BiBU 2020 i Helsinborg!

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Under hösten 2018 spelade jag i föreställningen Lilla Svansjön på Unga Dramaten, i regi av Claire Parsons

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Det blåser på Månen / Masthuggsteatern

During 2021 I was acting in Rövarna (Schiller), directed by Frida Röhl at Folkteatern in Gothenburg.

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In 2019 I was acting in Riddare av tusen äventyr with the collective PotatoPotato and directed by Linda Forsell.

Through encorporationg the female scout-movement, we looked at the possibilities in safe and seperatistic spaces.

During the fall of 2018 I took part in the performance Lilla Svansjön at Unga Dramaten, directed by Claire Parsons.

A physical performance for children from the age of 5, reinterpreting the classic Swan Lake

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2 Become 1

Physical performance created together with Jonna Ljunggren. A lesbian fantasy about Spice Girls.

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A Map to Get Lost

My final production at SADA. Played at Backa Teater and SADA in May, 2017.


Iwona - burgundprinsessa

I played the starring character during the cooperation between Teater Tribunalen and Dotterbolaget in the clown-version of Gombrowicz play.

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